International shipping is now available.

International shipping is now available.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Liquem.
We are excited to announce that we have now started offering international shipping on our official online store.

Shipments will be delivered via International Express Mail Service (EMS). Please check the checkout page for the shipping fees, as they may vary depending on the destination country and the items in your order.

For customers outside of Japan, you can easily select your preferred language and currency from the pop-up displayed when visiting the site or the selector in the footer. Even if you don't make the switch, entering your shipping address on the checkout page will automatically calculate the shipping fees. Additionally, payments will be processed in the currency of the destination country.

We will continue to strive for improvements and enhancements in our services. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Liquem's support since Kazunao Kangen. We have declared a high level of excitement, and we have officially launched an on-line store to provide overseas delivery service.

Our general public has international express service (EMS) services. If the shipping cost is different from the destination country, please check the actual cost.

If you wish to use a non-Japanese customer service, you may choose to use the language you prefer when visiting the station. Immediate delivery is available for exchange, only the shipping address for the item is required, and the shipping charge is automatically calculated. In addition, the supporting officer will also carry out national standards at the destination.

Our general efforts and efforts to improve our service. Thank you for your understanding and support.