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Some of Liquem's accessories are inspired by art.

Here we will introduce some of them along with famous paintings.

Art Nouveau Moon

Many of this year's AW collections were inspired by Art Nouveau, and ``Art Nouveau Moon'' is an homage to Mucha's ``Four Arts.''

"Four Arts" is a series that personifies four arts. What's interesting is how the four series of pictures are connected to the flow of time in a day.

By the way, the music is described as a moonlit night.
Mucha's characteristic curves are said to be inspired by women's hair, the drape of clothing, and the vines of plants.

《Four Arts - Music》 Alphonse Mucha

Mucha Lily

Mucha created many posters for Sarah Bernhardt, a great actress of the Art Nouveau era.
In this work, Sarah Bernhardt wears the lily crown that Mucha designed for the stage.

There are various theories as to why Mucha chose the lily as a motif, but it is said that it has meanings such as ``purity'', ``purity'', and ``beauty'' in the language of flowers, and that it was due to Mucha's admiration for Sarah Bernhardt's acting and beauty. There is a way to look at it.
Also, the shape of the lily harmonizes with Art Nouveau.

Feel like Sarah Bernhardt with this accessory created in homage to Mucha.

"Sarah Bernard" Alphonse Mucha

shell cross shell crystal

Speaking of Venus, Botticelli.
Inspired by the scene in which Venus, born from the sea, arrives on a seashore on a shell, rose quartz is included in the ``Shell Crystal'' and ``Shell Cross.''

Rose quartz is a stone of love, beauty, and harmony, and is often associated with Venus.

"The Birth of Venus" Sandro Botticelli

shell relief ring

Liquem's shell motifs incorporate vintage elements for year-round wear, many taking inspiration from the Rococo era and the Pont Alexandre III on the Seine.

This painting is by François Boucher from the Rococo period. It depicts cupids trying to attract lovers, and to the right of it is a relief of a shell.

Shell motifs are often seen in works from the Rococo period, and one of the reasons for this is that many ocean explorations were carried out in the 18th century.
This is a picture that captures the imagination, where Cupid from heaven coexists with an unknown shell from the ocean floor.

"Coupid Cupid" François Boucher

flat butterfly

Japonism spread from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.
Its flatness, gold leaf expression, and unique design are said to have influenced Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.

``Flat Butterfly'' is a deformed butterfly-shaped accessory that is flat and has an understated golden shine.
The glass color of the heart is montana in homage to the iris flower diagram.

《Irises》 Korin Ogata

flower crown ring

The flowers around the ``Flower Crown'' are dyed pink, inspired by ballet shoes.

This ring looks like a pretty ballet dancer wearing a tutu dancing in a circle on a glittering heart stage.
The scene resembles the dancers painted by Degas.

《Ballet stage rehearsal》 Edgar Degas

Float ball portrait pearl layer

These accessories are inspired by Queen Elisabeth's dress.

Although it may not be possible to wear all the jewels like Elisabeth, why not try wearing some pretty pearl accessories?

The one in the portrait is "Lt Azore," which blends well into the skin.

《Elisabeth of Austria》 Francois Clouet


The classics of Western art are Rome and Greece.

You can still see a lot of art with myths and temples as motifs, especially Giovanni Paolo Pannini, an artist based in Rome who left behind many delicate depictions of Roman ruins and landscapes. .

Liquem's "Temple" is based on the pillars of the Pantheon in Rome, and the pearl on the top is inspired by the full moon that illuminates the temple at night. The classic antique PK glass is mysterious.

《The Philosopher Diogenes Throwing Down His Bowl》Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Vintage glass leaf

Vintage Glass Leaf literally uses vintage glass parts.
This part is handmade, and we can't help but admire our predecessors who mass-produced it with such exquisite color and delicacy.

A product as beautiful as art, which inspired William Morris, the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement.
William Morris, who preached the importance of unifying life with beautiful products that show traces of handiwork, left many products with flower motifs.

Why not think about what William Morris advocated while elegantly wearing beautiful pieces created by hand?

《Pimpernel》William Morris

Art frame round clip on earrings (BL)

A work by Johann Zoffany depicting the Uffizi Gallery. All of the paintings that fill the walls are gorgeously framed. I am drawn to not only the pictures, but also the beauty and design of the frames.

“Art Frame” is an accessory inspired by such a stately frame.
Not only is it easy to use due to its abstract form, but it can also be used romantically to frame landscapes.

《Tribuna of the Uffizi Gallery》Johann Zoffany

vintage glass chinoiserie

This accessory is made from vintage glass and features a Chinoiserie-style design.
Chinoiserie, where the exoticism of the East meets the elegance of the West, is refreshing to us as well. Decorative elements were very popular during the Rococo period.

Chinoiserie can also be seen in the works of François Boucher, a star painter of this period.
You can enjoy it in a variety of styles, such as rococo-inspired and girly fashion, or on the other hand, you can use it with a simple style.

[Makeup] Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Glass chinoiserie heart hoop earrings

Glass chinoiserie heart hoop earrings

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vintage glass chinoiserie necklace (PK)

vintage glass chinoiserie necklace (PK)

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