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Trick or treat!

Liquems with candy motifs and dark colors.
Just by changing your perspective a little, you can instantly turn it into an accessory that will help you enjoy your night out even more.
Would you like to dive into the enchanting world of trick and treating with a stylish and mysterious sparkle?

1 Enchanting Treats

With accessories that are more attractive than sweets,
Make your outfit a little different and special.
Feel the magic of Halloween with accessories inspired by the colorful and fun world of sweets.

2 Ethereal Night of Mystery

Accessories wearing dark colors like the darkness of night.
Deep black, mysterious purple, and mysterious silver captivate us.
Let's dance in a magical night wearing magical colors.

3 Twinkle & Treat: Glam Up for Halloween!

Let's enjoy fashion and become the center of attention by wearing sparkling accessories.
At night, when magical moments occur, you can shine with your favorite accessories.

At Laforet Harajuku store, customers who make a purchase from October 20th (Friday) will receive a Halloween-themed mount as a gift!

You can put your usual accessories on this mount to make it look like Halloween.
Happy Halloween!

*It will end as soon as it runs out.

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