Liquem / Cherry Earrings (Starry Sky)

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It is a new color of Liquem's signature item "Cherry".

It looks like a starry sky with aurora lame on the transparent black.

The origin of the brand name of Rekyuem is "Liquid + Gem".
The concept of the brand is an imaginary cocktail with melted gemstones. The cocktail "Requiem", which is slightly sweet and makes you feel a little better, has an earring made of cherries that are always on it.
The design that the calyx part is tied.

Material: resin, alloy, surgical size: 4.8cm
Weight: 6g (one side)
(There are some individual differences in size and weight.)

Plate * The color of the plate was black when it was released before, but it will be silver color from this release.
Director's voice
It is also cute that there is a sense of sheerness.
The pattern is also finished in black, but you can wear it without being too cool.