Liquem/portrait circle earrings (antique PK)

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This is the <earrings> page.

It looks like the lady in the portrait is wearing it?
Or like a decorative frame to decorate it?
Chic and adult deformed new work?
I named it “Portrait”. ?
“Circle” uses Swarovski called Antique Pink.
It is a color that coexists with a sense of dignity and glamor, similar to the dress of a lady depicted in a portrait.
Throughout the "Portrait" series, we select chic colors that blend into the painting. ?
The size is slightly smaller than the deformed one. ?
Easy to wear and familiar with everyday life.
However, it is an accessory that is a little bit special.

Material: Glass, alloy, resin, titanium Size: Height: 2.9cm Width: 2.4cm
Weight: 7g (one ear)

Engraved on the back (both ears)

Director's voice
We wanted something small enough for adults to wear on a daily basis, and our internal nickname was ``Otona no Deforme.''
“Circle” is my favorite because it looks like a gorgeous frame for a portrait.

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