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Delicate and bold earrings with a heart motif.

Stack two large hearts,
Finished with a three-dimensional design that pops out.

Although the size is large, the delicate heart motif and gold color make it suitable for both adult and pop styles.

??Since each heart motif is handmade, the shape may vary slightly.
??Please note that we will deliver the left and right items as much as possible so that there is no difference between the left and right sides.

The earrings are made of titanium, which is said to be less likely to cause allergies.

Material: Brass, titanium, brass Size: Size (length and width) 42 x 29 x 17 mm
Weight: 5g per side

Director's voice
It was inspired by Shakespeare's play ``A Midsummer Night's Dream.'' A story about four male and female couples whose relationships are turned upside down by a mischievous fairy. (Happy ending after all)
I tried to make it look like a heart floating and doubling from there.
Perfect for simple summer fashion.

[Please read before ordering]

・The resin parts of some Liquem products are created by original dyeing. Please note that there may be some color blurring and individual differences depending on the lot.
・Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color of the photo and the actual product may look slightly different.
・For products with glitter, there are individual differences in the amount of glitter.
・As soap bubble processing is a post-processing process, the paint will become thinner due to friction, so please handle with care.
-Accessories are delicate products and may be damaged if applied with strong force or dropped. Also, if you pull it too hard, it will be damaged.
・Due to the characteristics of the metal fittings, we do not recommend changing the size of rings that are not listed as free rings.
・If you adjust the free ring too many times, the metal will become distorted. Also, please hold the ring part when making adjustments. Applying too much force to the parts may lead to damage.
・The earrings are made of titanium, a material that does not easily cause allergies.
If you are allergic to titanium, please refrain from using it.
・Liquem accessories are plated products. Alloy and brass are plated with gold color and silver color.
・It is not gold such as 18k or 10k.
・It is not made of silver material.
・If the plating does not suit your skin, please refrain from ordering.
-It is not waterproof, so please be careful not to let it come into contact with water.
・If you have small children or pets in your home, please be careful not to accidentally swallow this product. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur.

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