At Liquem, we have opened an official LINE account.

We will continue to deliver valuable information, so please register ♪
There are many benefits if you register as a friend and link your ID! Please use all means!

Please select "Add Friend" from here , or
Please scan the QR code below and add me as a friend.
You can also search for "@liquem" in the ID search and add friends.

Shopping becomes more convenient when linked to LINE!

■We will send you the latest news and information just for you.

We will send you exclusive announcements and the latest information for those who are linked to LINE!

■Check LINE for messages useful for shopping

You can now easily check order completion confirmations, shipping completion messages, and restock notifications on LINE.

Link with LINE ID

▼ID linkage method

  1. After registering as a member, open " My Page ".
  2. Select "Link" for LINE at the top of your My Page.
  3. Press the LINE "Login" button.
  4. Click the "Allow" button at the bottom of the settings screen to complete linking with your LINE account.