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Three membership ranks depending on the purchase amount


Initial ranks will be assigned according to the amount of purchases made after January 1, 2023. In principle, your membership rank will not be lowered, but please note that your rank will be lowered only if the cumulative purchase amount falls below the rank conditions due to returns, cancellations, etc.
Additionally, the cumulative purchase amount for rank-up conditions is calculated only for orders that have already been shipped. Please note that even for made-to-order products, the rank will be calculated at the time of shipping.

You can check your stage from My Page or My Page within the app.

We offer special benefits depending on your membership rank.
We are planning to offer benefits such as the ability to purchase rank-limited original items and color-changed products, as well as other benefits.

*Applicable to purchases made at online stores, mobile apps, and physical stores.
*Points will be awarded when the product is shipped.
*Points have no expiration date.

1000 points

In addition to one of the 1000 points exchangeable prizes, you will also receive 1 year of viewing privileges for "Liquem Tips" where you can see tips to enjoy Liquem even more, behind the scenes of new releases, and other special information that is irresistible to fans. You can exchange it with

*Items may change without notice.
*It may take some time for delivery. (About 1.5 months maximum)

3000 points

You can receive 5 benefits by exchanging 3000 points.

*Items may change without notice.
*It may take some time for delivery. (About 1.5 months maximum)