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Staff interview

We would like to introduce you to the real voices of staff who actually work at Liquem!

Store: Laforet Harajuku store

We all share our opinions and aim to create a better store.

Q1.What is your main job?
In addition to customer service, you will also organize inventory, stock items, inspect items, and change in-store displays. In addition, store staff members also take photos of customers wearing accessories for the online shop and SNS.
We also put a lot of effort into cleaning, and in addition to cleaning before opening and after closing, we have designated cleaning areas for each day of the week.

Q2. What is the atmosphere of the store and staff?
We all like fashion and are sensitive to trends, so we're all good friends regardless of age, exchanging information, thinking about what each staff member likes and giving them presents on their birthdays.
We communicate with each other on a regular basis, share opinions, and strive to create even better stores.

Q3. What is the best thing about working?
In my previous job, I was in sales, and I had many opportunities to talk to customers, so I think I've gained more confidence in my ability to serve customers. I think it's an environment where even beginners can easily learn customer service skills, as staff members can exchange opinions with each other, role-play, and each product has its own name and characteristics. Many of our staff and customers are fashionable, so your perspective on fashion will expand!

Q4. How do you spend your days off/after work?
After work, I sometimes go to a hair/nail salon or meet up with friends for dinner.
On my days off, I watch movies, go to Disney, see exhibits, and enjoy my hobbies with Liqueum accessories ♩

Store: Liquem jewelry Asakusa store

I like the fact that what I have learned gives me the strength to stretch myself a little bit.

Q1.What is your main job?
My main job in the store is customer service. The jewelry line accepts semi-custom orders, so we consult with customers and assist them with their orders.
Additionally, I am in charge of the Instagram live broadcasts held by store staff after the shop closes, so I create a progress script, think about how to make it enjoyable for people to watch, prepare, and do the live broadcasts with other staff members. Masu.

Q2. What is the atmosphere of the store and staff?
I often spend a peaceful time surrounded by cute things. Since we don't have many staff members, I get the impression that each person is active in their own field.

Q3.What do you like about Liquem /Liquem jewelry?
First of all, I was drawn to Liquem's worldview and concept and fell in love with it. There is a lot of care put into each and every product, and I think it has a charm that goes beyond the idea of ​​an accessory and makes you want to keep it by your side.
I like Liquem's accessories and jewelry because wearing them gives me the strength to stand up a little bit more, and I'm happy to be able to help with that.

Q4. What are you doing to balance your work with other jobs? (Because I only work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Although it's subconscious, I feel like a switch automatically flips when I walk into a store. The inside of the store has a very cute and otherworldly atmosphere, so it wasn't difficult to switch to Liquem mode.
Although I am careful not to bring other concerns into my work, I really enjoy working at Liquem, so I actually feel refreshed.
Before I started working, I informed them of my other work situation, so it's reassuring to have an environment where I can feel free to consult with them.
I am able to balance both my work and work with the support of the staff around me and the people at the head office.

Store: Laforet Harajuku store/Liquem jewelry Asakusa store

It's an attractive workplace that you can get involved in if you have just a little bit of interest.

Q1. Main job details <br/>My main job is customer service. We listen to our customers' needs and propose items to them as if we were going on a treasure hunt together.
When I have free time, I also perform tasks such as organizing items and doing simple cleaning to maintain the condition of important items.

Q2. What is the atmosphere of the store and staff?
The store's overall theme is pink, and the fixtures have a luxurious feel. It's a cute and wonderful shop with Liquem's neon lights as its focal point.
All the staff members are friendly and each has a role and a sense of responsibility.
We provide an environment where it is easy to talk about anything you don't understand or are worried about, so even those who are nervous can feel at ease.

Q3. What is the best thing about working?
There are samples available for staff to use while on duty, and uniforms are provided at the Asakusa store.
I also like how all the staff create a comfortable work environment.

Q4. Message to applicants
It's an attractive workplace where even people who are interested in Liquem, accessories and jewelry but don't have the knowledge or confidence can get involved if they have just a slight interest.
We look forward to the day when we can be together in store.

daily schedule

Laforet Harajuku store

attendance at work. Clean the store,
Check daily reports, handovers, etc.

Opening. We listen to customer preferences and propose products that meet their needs.
We strive to provide friendly service and provide customer service that makes our customers happy. Sometimes you may come to our store just to have a conversation with our staff!

Late shift staff come to work. We will hold a morning meeting and share information, etc.

Early shift staff lunch break. There are many stylish cafes and delicious set meal restaurants around Harajuku, so you can have lunch outside.

While serving customers, each employee will perform their own duties in their free time.
Each employee takes responsibility for organizing the inventory of products neatly and keeping the store clean so that customers feel comfortable.

leaving work. Handing over to the late shift staff, etc., and the shift is over!
Since I get off work early, I enjoy my private time after work, such as shopping and other activities ♡

jewerly asakusa store

attendance at work. Cleaning the store, checking the daily duties and schedule, and preparing for opening.

While listening to your wishes, we will work with you to find your favorite loose pieces and help you create your own special jewelry.


When I don't have customers, I spend my time taking photos for Instagram and deepening my knowledge about loose jewelry and jewelry.

closed. Closes the cash register, displays merchandise, and cleans.

Twice a month, we introduce limited projects and products on Instagram Live, so on the day of the broadcast, we will prepare for the live and have meetings.

Instagram live streaming started

Clean up and leave work.