Disney Collection 2nd edition regular sales start

The second installment of the Disney Collection, which has been well-received and has been accepted for pre-orders since March 10th, is now available.
Regular sales will begin from May 3rd.

The second edition features two types of Liquem accessories that are especially fun to layer with Disney designs.
As well as accessories from the first Disney collection,
This lineup creates a new look for your accessories by layering them.

Sales will begin at the online store from 21:00 on May 3rd (Wednesday/Holiday).
Delivery will be made after May 10th (Wednesday).

In addition, sales will also begin at Laforet Harajuku store on May 3rd (Wednesday/holiday).

“[Rapunzel] Secret Garden” is sold out and will not be sold.

Click here for Disney Collection details

*Please note that the release date, color, design, and price may change without prior notice.

*Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing method, the dyed color and plating color may differ due to lot variation.

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