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今後の販売 / 再販予定リスト【2024年7月16日更新】

Upcoming sales/resale list [Updated June 19, 2024]

Below is a list of items that we plan to sell/resell in the future.

*The exact release date of some items has not yet been determined, but please refer to them for reference.

*Please note that the release date, color, design, and price may change without prior notice.

*Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing method, the dyed color and plating color may differ due to lot variation.

*Please also note that we do not accept individual inquiries from CONTACT regarding resale dates or whether or not there will be resale.

*About in-store inventory

To prevent any trouble, we do not tell you the stock in store.

Instead, we will introduce the stock status before the business day every day on the "Store Instagram Story".

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