Liquemのフォトキャンペーン #Disneycollection2_Liquemphoto

Liquem photo campaign #Disneycollection2_Liquemphoto

Liquem is a brand that surprisingly often receives comments from people involved, saying, ``Liquem customers are really good at taking photos!''
Every day, we are able to discover new things and be moved by their creativity and passionate photos through SNS.
As a token of our gratitude to these people, we are holding this event for products from the second edition of the Disney Collection!

The best Liquem photographer will receive a not-for-sale cherry ornament as a thank you.

The cherry is a special cherry that has a light blue lavender color with glitter and aurora processing!

[Planning purpose]
As a token of our gratitude to those who upload beautiful Liquem accessories on SNS every day, we have established the ``Liquem Best Photographer Award''.
This is a gift of non-sale items to multiple people selected by the director.

The aim is to create a project that can be enjoyed by those who view tagged photos.

Judging criteria include theme, originality, technology, novelty, surprise, and excitement, with the director choosing the submission that moved him or her the most out of all the submissions.

[Result announcement]
Friday, June 9th
The cherries will be shipped to the winners around mid-June.

・Entries from across departments are also welcome. Winners in both categories will receive two identical ornament cherries.
・If you repost to the feed, we will contact you via DM.
・In the case of a restory, we will clearly state that the photographer is Liquem's best photographer.
・You can enter as many posts as you like.

[Notes ]
Images posted with the hashtag " #Disneycollection2_Liquemphoto " may be reposted and published and used free of charge in PR materials such as official SNS pages and homepages, with the consent of the poster. Masu.

In this case, we will not notify the poster individually.

If you agree with the above content, please join us!

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