Liquem JEWELRYオンラインがオープンしました

Liquem JEWELRY online is now open

We have recently opened the Liquem JEWELRY online store.

Click here for Liquem JEWELRY

Until now, we had a store in Asakusa and were patronized by many customers, but with the opening of our online store, it has become easier for even more people to use our store.

"Custom Jewelry Bloom", which has been particularly popular, is also available online. You can easily customize it online by choosing your favorite style, design, and zirconia color.

Please note that Jewelry Bloom is currently sold by lottery.

Click here for more information about Jewelry Bloom

Please note that Liquem JEWELRY products cannot be purchased at the same time as regular Liquem products.
Additionally, Liquem JEWELRY products are only available online and cannot be purchased from the app. note that.

We look forward to your continued support of Liquem and Liquem JEWELRY.

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