About Liquem Membership Program

Thank you for your continued patronage of Likem.

The point system "Liquem Membership Program" introduced with the online store renewal will start in earnest from today.

What is the Liquem membership program?
This is a great system that allows members to receive special benefits.
You will earn 1 point for every 100 yen you spend excluding tax, and you can exchange the points for special items and benefits.

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[Note regarding reward exchange]

・Please note that rewards can only be exchanged from the online site and cannot be exchanged from the app.

・Login is required to exchange rewards.

・When you press the "Exchange" button on the site, you will receive an email and complete the payment from that email to complete the exchange . Please note that payment must be completed via email.

・Reward items worth 500 points and 1000 points will be delivered together with your next regular order. Items worth 3000 points will be shipped as soon as they are ready.

・Although it may take some time for the item to be delivered, viewing the secret page, 1 free re-plating, proxy shopping, and the right to acquire 1 pass ticket will be granted immediately upon exchange. Please check my page for the expiration date.

・You can access the secret page from My Page.

・Reward items are subject to change without notice.

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