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The second collection to rediscover timeless favorites.

The products lined up here are the top voted items at the resale request event that was held over three days from April 6th, 2024.
Items that had become legendary or were difficult to manufacture and only sold once have been brought back to life through voting!

Loved by Liquem users,
This is a lineup of only the products you need.

We also offer color variations of popular items.
The main glass used in the Secret Garden Heart and Portrait Heart are both discontinued types.
This product will no longer be produced.

Please check it out early as numbers are limited.

Frill earrings/pierced earrings (BK)

"Frills" were created as a part of a project to match Liquem's frilled tote bag.
Its greatest charm is its fluttering design, reminiscent of the skirts of girls that we used to draw with crayons when we were little.

The new color is Montana.
Montana is a deep blue also known as sapphire blue.
It has a jewel-like shine and depth that is very appealing.
Pair it with black frills for a more elegant look.

Portrait Heart Ring (Fairy/Rose)

It looks like something a lady in a portrait might wear, or like a decorative frame that adorns it.
The new chic and mature deformed design has been named "Portrait."

The new color is rose.
The pearls used are pink, slightly translucent fairy pearls.
A classic cute heart accessory.

This size rose is a discontinued model by Swarovski,
This is a limited number of pre-orders.
In addition, this product cannot be resold once sold out.

Laurel wreath ring

This ring is inspired by a laurel wreath, which was a symbol of honor.
The leaves, which should normally be green, have been changed to a Liquem-like aurora-like color.
It's a playful ring.
It is said that the V-shaped design of a ring makes your fingers look slimmer.
Also, when layered with a ring that has a point in the center, the motif fits together in a V shape for a lovely look.

Secret Garden Heart (Lt Rose)

The popular Secret Garden Heart from the spring collection's theme "Secret Garden" will be on sale in different colors.

This accessory represents the hidden door in "The Secret Garden."
Amidst the ivy and flowers, charming pink butterflies await.

Because the butterfly Swarovski is discontinued,
This is a limited number of pre-orders.
In addition, this product cannot be resold once sold out.