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Thanks to all of you, Liquem will celebrate its 7th anniversary in June 2024.

To commemorate the 7th anniversary,
Seven of Liquem's representative motifs are placed all around the ring.

Don't miss out on this special ring packed with Liquem's signature motifs.

Introducing Liquem's representative motifs used in the 7 Treasure Ring



"Cherry" is one of ReQM's signature items.

The origin of the LiQM brand name is "Liquid + Gem".
The brand concept is an imaginary cocktail made with dissolved gemstones. The cherry series that always appears on the slightly sweet and uplifting cocktail "Liquem" is the symbolic motif that represents Liquem.



Liquem's shell motif features an antique design that can be worn all year round.

In particular, the shell used for the cloisonné ring has a design with pearls coming out of the shell, reminiscent of the popular series called "Full Shell." This design expresses admiration and appreciation for shellfish, as Liquem uses many pearls.