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Thank you for your continued patronage of Liquem.

When general election cherries are sold from 21:00 on 4/8 (Sat),
When you try to purchase a product from the app, the previously deleted product appears in your cart.
A problem has occurred, such as not being able to purchase the desired product.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

This problem is caused by the concentration of access when a new product is released.
The cause is thought to be that the system incorrectly reads cache (old temporary data).

Regarding this matter, we have requested the development department of the app/cart system.
We are currently investigating to improve the issue, but the current situation has not been resolved.
We will report again at a later date as soon as the restoration and improvements have been made.
Thank you for your patience.

In addition, this problem is caused by a temporary concentration of access due to the release of a new product, etc.
There is a possibility that a similar phenomenon will occur when a new product is released in the future.

Therefore, customers who are considering purchasing new products at the release time,
Before the release time, tap the "Delete cache" button on the app's settings screen,
Please complete the shopping process after clearing your cache.

Please see below for specific steps.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

We will continue to make updates to make your shopping experience more comfortable, so we appreciate your continued patronage.