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Customers using the app may be able to resolve problems such as deleting cart information or not being able to display pages by deleting the app's cache.

Please see below for instructions on how to delete the cache.

*Cache is a mechanism that temporarily stores information about web pages that you have viewed once in each browser. When a certain amount of temporary data accumulates, old content may be displayed even if you refresh the page.

1. Open My Page and tap "App Settings"

2. Tap "Delete cache"

3. When "Delete completed" is displayed, it is complete.

About deleting browser cache

If you are using the web version of the online store, please try the following method.

▼Customers using iPhone/iPad

You can delete it from the [Settings] app → select [Safari] and select [Clear history and website data].

Tap the [•••] icon at the bottom right of the screen → [Settings], then tap [Product Security] → proceed to [Delete browsing history data].
Select the time period at the top. To remove everything, select All time.
Check the box next to Cached images and files.
Tap Clear browsing data.
At this time, there are other items, so if you want to delete only the cache, uncheck the other items and delete them.