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Voting period: 8/3 (Thursday) 18:00 to 8/15 (Tue) 23:59

Result announcement

Thank you for all your votes!

Starting lineup cherry vote

Total number of votes: 572 votes

Botsu sample revival battle

Total number of votes: 585 votes

The Cherry General Election, which was held last year and was attended by many people, will be held again this year!

This year, in addition to voting for the cherry that is often used, “Starting Cherry”,
“Bots Sample Revival” will also be held!
Buried by the cherries that have been announced so far,
This time, we will reveal all the scrapped samples that never saw the light of day and vote on their popularity!

The cherries with the most votes may be commercialized soon and delivered to everyone's hands...?

Also, from among those who voted, there will be a lottery.
We will give away a free shipping coupon to 10 people!

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“Starting Cherry” vote

Among the cherries you have, please tell us which cherry you use most often, the ``Starmen Cherry''!

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