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We will introduce how to use the pass tickets (numbered tickets) that can be used at Laforet Harajuku on new product release dates and other occasions.

Acquisition method

1. Enter the lottery for tickets for the time slot you can visit.

The pass tickets will be distributed by lottery. Each person can apply for as many tickets as they like, but can only win one ticket.

*Pass tickets can only be applied for via the app.
Click here to download the app.

First, apply for a pass ticket for the time slot you desire.
*Once you apply, it cannot be cancelled, so please consider carefully and apply during a time period when you can definitely visit the store.
*Although it may be displayed as "Pick up at store/Pay at store", you will not receive anything physical from us or make any payment on the day you enter the store. All pass tickets are distributed digitally.
*Please note that there is a 1-hour window for the "Pickup Date and Time", but this is a specification notation and you will not be allowed to enter the store if you come at a time other than the time frame written on the pass ticket.

You can set up notifications before the application period. Notifications will be sent via push notification 15 minutes before and at the start of the application period.

Tap "Enter the lottery"

The time frame is stated in the size and color section, so please make sure that it is the correct time you would like to apply and select it.

Your application is complete when the message "Entered" is displayed.
*If you are using an Android smartphone, the message "You have been entered" will be displayed.

2. After the lottery period ends, you will be notified of the results.

Notification of whether you have won or lost will be sent via push notification on the app and via "Notices" on your My Page.

You will receive a notification on your My Page.

Please open the notification and check if you have been selected for the Pass Ticket you applied for.

3. The pass ticket will be distributed within 3 business days after the winner is confirmed.

Once you have been notified of your winnings, you will receive your pass ticket via email within 3 business days.

Please present the email sent to you at the store on the day the pass is valid.