[March birthstone]

Origin of aquamarine

Aquamarine comes from the Latin words "aqua" and "marinus", meaning "sea and water".

Aquamarine, characterized by its clear blue color, gives you a peaceful feeling as if you are entrusting yourself to the calm sea.

The meaning of aquamarine

"Happiness" "Smartness" "wealth"

It is said that like the water of the mother sea, it soothes the soul and brings abundance.

The beautiful marine blue is reminiscent of something blue, so it has also come to mean ``happy marriage.''

It is said to have the power to bring harmony between people, so it may give you an opportunity to reconcile between lovers and friends.


Aquamarine was believed to be the "treasure of mermaids" and to have the power to calm the sea.

It is said that ancient Roman sailors prayed for safety at sea and used aquamarine as a talisman during their voyages.

Aquamarine may lend you strength when you take a new step.

What is Milky Aquamarine?

Milky Aquamarine is a pastel blue color that looks like milk has been dripped onto aquamarine.

The pastel colors are caused by multiple inclusions and cracks within the stone.

The high content of these gives it a unique milky white color.

When it comes to gemstones, it is usually said that transparency is beautiful, and pale pastel blue is beautiful and very popular.

Aquamarine friends

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl group of natural stones.

There are various colors in the beryl family, and the following gemstones are especially named.

Emerald Red Emerald (Bixbite)
Goshenite (colorless)
Heliodor (yellow)
Morganite (pink)

Each color changes due to different trace elements.

By the way, aquamarine's color comes from a small amount of iron.

How to handle milky aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone with high hardness, so it is hard to get scratched.

However, since milky aquamarine contains many inclusions, it is vulnerable to shocks.

Although there is no problem with normal use, please be aware that if you treat it in the same way as aquamarine, it may become chipped or scratched.

Aquamarine also contains iron, so it is sensitive to sweat (salt) and direct sunlight.

If care is not taken, the blue color will fade from the areas where sweat has adhered, and if it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will cause a chemical reaction with iron and deteriorate.

After wearing, please take care of it on a daily basis, such as wiping off sweat and storing it in a place out of direct sunlight.