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We will introduce how to purchase lottery sale items.


Application method

1. Apply for lottery for the product you wish to purchase.

*Lottery sale items can only be applied for through the app.
Download the app here .


First, please apply for the lottery product of your choice.
*You cannot cancel your application, so please consider carefully and only apply for products that you are sure you can purchase.
You can set up to receive notifications before the application period. Please note that notifications will be sent via push notification 15 minutes before and at the start of the application.


Tap "Enter lottery"



Tap "Please select" at the top



The types of products such as clip on earrings and earrings are listed, so please check to make sure you are choosing the lottery product you wish to purchase.



Tap "Enter lottery" at the bottom


If "Entered" is displayed, your application is complete.
*If you are using an Android smartphone, "Entered" will be displayed.


2. After the lottery period ends, you will receive a notification of winning or losing.

Notifications of winning or losing will be sent to the app's push notifications and to the "Notifications" section of My Page.


A notification will be sent to your My Page.




3. Please open the notification and check whether you have won the lottery product you applied for.

At this time, please be sure to check the payment deadline. Winning will be confirmed once payment processing is completed. Please note that if payment is not made, the prize will be invalidated.
*The time until the payment deadline may vary depending on the lottery sale. For more information, please see the details page for each lottery product.


4. Make payment for the winning pass ticket

When you tap the "Winner Notification" in the notification to open it, details of the winning lottery product will be displayed.

Tap "Proceed to Purchase" to complete the payment.
Checkout will start within the app and you will be asked to log in, so please log in with the same account you used to apply .


Proceed to the payment screen and "complete your order" to confirm your win.