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When trying to pre-register a JCB card with ShopPay (Express Checkout),
I get an error saying "There was a problem adding this card".
There is an issue where we are unable to register your credit card properly.

Other credit cards (VISA, Master, AMEX) can be registered, so please consider changing the card you are using.

*If you wish to use a JCB card, please complete the purchase procedure using the method below*

・Use Amazon Pay (Express Checkout) ・Or (other than Express Checkout), specify your contact information and delivery method, select ``Credit Card Payment'' under ``Payment'', and then use JCB Use your card

<If you try to register your JCB card on ShopPay and an error occurs and you withdraw>

From "Check out as a guest" at the bottom of the screen, specify your contact information and delivery method, and from "Payment" select "Credit card payment" and use your JCB card.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We kindly ask that you please check the details and complete the procedures with plenty of time.