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Release date information

Liquem JEWELRY online pre-orders start from 21:00 on Sunday, June 2nd
Orders will be accepted from 12:00 on Saturday, June 8th at Liquem JEWELRY stores.

*Both deadlines are on Sunday, June 30th *Online until 23:59, in-store until 17:00 *Liquem JEWELRY stores are open only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. (12:00-17:00)

The history of Liquem cannot be told without mentioning Yukos.
She is important to us
I've previously collaborated with Liquem to create accessories.

It's been five years since then.

Now that we've both grown
We will be releasing a collaborative product with Liquem JEWELRY.

This collaboration focuses on rose quartz, which Yukos loves,
It became a place where everyone could have a happy aura.

Mini-sized blooms that are easy to apply are also available.
Please take a look.

Mini bloom

Mini Bloom

A mini-sized bloom measuring 11mm in length and 9mm in width.

This is a new model from Liquem JEWELRY that was born from Yukos's desire to "have blooms on my ears as well."

The rose quartz is selected as a cabochon cut so that it sparkles despite its small size.



Made with buff top cut rose quartz.
The surface is polished to a smooth finish and the back is faceted.
This cut allows the brilliance of the cut to appear to rise from the inside of the heart.
All collaboration jewelry is engraved with "love you!"



This is Yukos' color, "Bloom", which is popular at Liquem JEWELY.

The cubic zirconia around the ring is yellow and light yellow, a happy color that will lighten your mood as soon as you put it on.

The shank design is the mill type "Flora".
The necklace chain we chose was one that would make her look delicate.

All collaboration products will be delivered in a gift box.