Little Twin Stars x Liquem / Kikirara earrings

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A design with Kiki and Lala peeking through a clear star.
Both the coin and the star are designed to sway.
I set it with a clasp that looks like a shooting star.

Each half of the star is filled with two colored stones that symbolize the two of them.
The top is an aurora color that changes into 7 colors.

*The aurora-colored stone on the top is painted with aurora on clear glass. Therefore, please note that Aurora foil may not be used for cutting other stones.

Material: Brass, glass, resin Size: Length approx. 60mm
Weight: 10g per side
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)

Director's voice

Speaking of Kiki & Lala, "Aurora" (in my mind)
Speaking of Liquem, it's "Aurora" (there are others, but in a more typical sense)
This is a collaboration product that combines the two.
It is similar to the existing "Clear Heart", but it is slightly larger.
Anyway, it is catchy and has become an accessory that captures the hearts of young children.

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