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L brooch Boston (sand beige)

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Bag line started from Liquem.

The 1st collection is 3 types.

L brooch Boston
A Boston bag with an original part that has a classical "L" edged with pearls.

The soft synthetic leather, thin handle, and thin gusset give it an elegant finish.

The inside of the sand beige is lavender fabric.

The size is large enough to fit a long wallet.
A mini size Boston bag that is perfect for going out on a holiday.

This L brooch Boston comes with a logo ribbon tote.
Comes with a ribbon so you can hold it by squeezing it.
In addition to being used as a tote bag on a daily basis, it can also be used for storing bags.

Material: Synthetic leather Size: Width 24cm, Height 19cm, Depth 7cm, Handle 30cm
Tote bag size: 44cm wide, 44cm long, 55cm handle
(There are some individual differences in size and weight.)

Director's Voice
For the 1st collection, we created an L icon that is suitable for the bag line.
Since it is attached to the side, it can be used as a simple Boston without claiming.
The overall look is delicate, so it goes well with classical outfits.

・Due to the characteristics of natural leather and natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool, etc.), color fading is inevitable.
In addition, chemical fibers (nylon, polyester, rayon, etc.) may discolor due to friction, wetness, or sweat, and may stain clothing.
Please be careful when using in combination with white or light-colored products.

・Due to the characteristics of synthetic leather (polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride PVC, etc.) and surface-treated materials such as enamel, prints, and foil, deterioration such as color transfer, discoloration, peeling, and stickiness may occur.

・Products using magnetic clasps are used for automatic ticket gates, commuter passes, cash cards,
Please note that if a watch or other item is brought close to the clasp, it may become unusable due to the effects of magnetism.

・Do not leave it wet. It may cause discoloration, uneven color, stains, blisters, etc.
If it gets wet, wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth and dry it in the shade.
Avoid drying with high heat such as dryers and irons, and avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

・Store in a well-ventilated dark place, avoiding contact with other materials, and store in a cloth bag with good ventilation.
Storing the product in hot and humid conditions may cause deformation, mold, rust, etc. of the product.

・All products cannot be washed. Also, the use of volatile solvents such as benzene and thinner is strictly prohibited.
If it gets dirty, try using various special cleaners on an inconspicuous area before using.

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