Sailor Moon store x Liquem / Liquem Limited Transformation Brooch Pins

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The 3rd collaboration between Sailor Moon Store and Liquem!

The third installment features a heart-throbbing transformation scene.
While giving it a toy feel, the design has been finely crafted with metal processing and incorporated into accessories.
It is a lineup that you can select with the same excitement as when you chose your favorite toy when you were little.

The impressive "transformation brooch" when the main character, Usagi Tsukino, transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time,
Special Liquem limited colors and Sailor Moon Store limited colors are available.
This Liquem limited color has a metal center part.
The plated color is a calm "thin gold" color.
A cute finish even for adults.

Feel free to attach the pins to your clothes or to your bag.

Materials: alloy, glass, resin, nickel silver, brass Size: 3.2cm
Weight: 11g
(There are some individual differences in size and weight.)

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Director's Voice
I am very happy to be able to collaborate again this time.
And it's like a dream to arrange a very popular brooch/compact with Liquem.
The transformation brooch is a metal base for the Liquem limited color, imagining it to be real.
The point is that it is finished with a light gold color, so it looks calm.

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