Sailor Moon store x Liquem / Luna P Ball (Black Moon Ver.) clip on earrings

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Just as Chibiusa became the Black Lady,

The Luna P Ball, which has a crescent moon mark on its forehead that has changed to a black moon crescent mark, is an accessory.

This is an item you would want to wear with Black Lady.

The face part is made of transparent resin, and only the ears are made of soft pink with Epo.

I made it into an accessory with pearls around it.

*Please note that the color of this product may vary depending on the production lot due to slight differences in climate, humidity, and formulation during production.

Material: Alloy, resin, brass Size: 2.7cm
Weight: 5g
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)


Director's Voice

The reason I chose the Black Moon version instead of the Luna P Ball was because I wanted the lonely Black Lady to have a companion nearby.

Finished with a design typical of Liquem.

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