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Turn Hello Kitty's ribbon into clip on earrings.

The bright red ribbon is made of resin and has a plump finish.
The surface is matte,
The metal on the bottom reflects the light, so you can enjoy a shimmering look depending on the angle.
*Due to specifications, there will be lines and holes on the sides of the ribbon.

Liquem clip on earrings use clip-on metal fittings that won't hurt.
When wearing, please pinch your earlobe tightly with the clip.
This pinching has nothing to do with pain.
Clip-on earphones do not have springs, so if you wear them loosely instead of tightening your earlobes more than necessary, they may fall off.

Material: Brass, alloy, resin Size: Ribbon width 37mm, height 22mm
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)

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There is a tracking number, but
Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items after delivery.

Director's voice
When I heard about the collaboration,
Based on the idea of ​​something typical of Liquem, I instantly envisioned these clip on earrings.
It has the same specifications as the "Nike clip on earrings" and has a metal saucer that is about one size smaller than the ribbon-shaped resin.
The design is also cute, allowing you to fully enjoy the plump, half-dimensional feel.


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Please feel free to ask our staff.

Q The clip on earring hardware is hard.
A Hard items are difficult to fall off, so we ship them as non-defective items. If you are concerned that it is difficult to remove, please open the metal fittings several times to the maximum. The hardness may be reduced to some extent.

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