Liquem / Cherry clip on earrings (Sakura syrup)

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Introducing "Sakura Syrup" inspired by cherry blossoms to Liquem's signature item "Cherry".

The origin of the Liquiem brand name is "Liquid+Gem".
The brand's concept is an imaginary cocktail made with melted gemstones. I wore clip on earrings with cherries that are always on top of the ``Liquiem'' cocktail, which is slightly sweet and makes you feel a little good.

The hem part has a tied design and the plating color is pink gold.
In fact, I mixed cherry blossom color and milky white to create a chewy look.
It is a delicious color that conveys the smooth texture of the resin.

The plates in this series are shaped like cherry blossom petals.

This is a set for both ears.

Material: Alloy, resin, brass Size: Total length 4.8cm Cherry part 1.6cm Weight: 6g (one side)
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)

Engraved L on cherry blossom plate (one side)

Director's voice
Samples were made at the same time as Sakura Lame, and both were released at the same time because they could not be thrown away.
A version mixed with milky white like the cherry chocolate and caramel that I released a while ago. The pink also turned out to be delicious.

*Liquem clip on earrings use clip-on metal fittings that won't cause pain.
When wearing, please pinch your earlobe tightly with the clip.
This pinching has nothing to do with pain.
The clip type does not have a spring in it, so
Instead of tightening your earlobes more than necessary, wearing them loosely may cause them to fall.

We also receive complaints that the clip on earring fittings have become loose.
If you open it all the way, it may cause it to come loose.
By not opening the clip completely when attaching or detaching, you can reduce the amount of loosening.

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