Liquem / bubblegum soda earrings

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An accessory that combines cider-like bubble balls with sparkling blooms.

The bloom color scheme is as follows.
Center = Around the crystal = Lt Azore

These clip on earrings feature large bubbles, but the clear color makes them easy to wear and can be matched with any style.

* The way each bubble enters is different.
*Please note that the left and right may not match.

Material: Alloy, glass, resin, titanium Size: Total length 4.5cm Bubble width 2.5cm
Weight: 13g (one side)
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)

engraved on plate

Director's voice
The new color of the popular "bubblegum" is a refreshing blue.
Since it's a pale blue color, I think it's easy to wear without being too overpowering.

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