Liquem / Portrait mini flower clip on earrings (YEL)

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It looks like the lady in the portrait is wearing it.
A chic and mature "portrait" that looks like a decorative frame.

This is a modified version of that.

These clip on earrings titled “Flower” are
It features a jewelry-like appearance using two different colors of glass, large and small.

The five pearls are shaped like flowers and stars, making this an accessory that brings together lucky motifs.

Material: Alloy, resin, glass, brass Size: Length: 1.8cm Width: 1.8cm Weight: 4g (one side)
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)

engraved on the back

Director's voice
A new series with a cute gradation of two-colored glass.
I aimed for something simple but eye-catching, with fewer pearl grains.
The combination of yellow and green is also refreshing.

*Liquem clip on earrings use clip-on metal fittings that won't cause pain.
When wearing, please pinch your earlobe tightly with the clip.
This pinching has nothing to do with pain.
The clip type does not have a spring in it, so
Instead of tightening your earlobes more than necessary, wearing them loosely may cause them to fall.

We also receive complaints that the clip on earring fittings have become loose.
If you open it all the way, it may cause it to come loose.
By not opening the clip completely when attaching or detaching, you can reduce the amount of loosening.

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