Murakami x Liquem / Flower ring No. 11

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We apologize for the delay in shipping the product. We have released a pre-order for the collaboration product with Takashi Murakami.
There has been a delay in shipping the product due to production delays at the factory due to the effects of the coronavirus.
Initially, we were planning to ship items sequentially from late June, but we apologize for the inconvenience.We apologize for the inconvenience.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused while you have been looking forward to it.

We will notify you by email as soon as the product has been shipped.

*Shipping within Japan only.
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A special collaboration between artist Takashi Murakami and Liquem has been realized!

[This product will be shipped sequentially from late June]

[Limited quantity: 1 item per type per person]

[This is a size 11 page]

The flower ring is an accessory that is a Liquem-like arrangement of Takashi Murakami's signature flowers.

The central face part is made of resin.
Resin is a material often used at Liquem, and its smooth texture is popular.
Mr. Murakami's flower faces also come in yellow or black, but for this accessory, the complexion is made white (milky white) based on Mr. Murakami's opinion.

As an image of petals around it,
12 colors of glass and pearls are arranged.

A catchy accessory that combines Takashi Murakami's flowers with Liquem's unique style.

Material: resin, imitation pearl, glass, alloy, brass

Size: No. 11, motif diameter 33mm
Weight: 9g per side
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)

Director's voice
I feel better when I have something I like right in front of me.
This ring will make you happy if you look down and see a smiling flower.


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