Cherry earrings (splash)

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The brand name Liquem comes from the words "Liquid+Gem" and captures the essence of our unique concept of imaginary cocktails created from melted gemstones.
This accessory is Liquem's signature, accessorizing with the cherry that's always on top of its cocktails.

The new color is splash.
Reminiscent of a mermaid who gracefully creates ripples with her enchanting fins,
Its color with aurora glitter is like sparkling seawater.
The pattern is pink gold.

Material: Alloy, resin, surgical size: 4.7cm
Weight: 8g (one side)
(There are slight individual differences in size and weight.)


Director's Voice

New color of cherry!
Green and blue colors have been increasing little by little recently.
This plating made with the image of a mermaid is pink gold.
Naturally, this decision was quickly made as we were designing the Disney collection.

The color name splash is from the movie title.
When I was a kid, the mermaid movie I thought of was ``Splash.''
It left a strong impression on me, so I named it after its sound and the sparkle that came from the screen.

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