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ovgo Baker is a vegan and environmentally friendly American bake shop.
There is also a store across the street from Liquem Laforet Harajuku store, and it is a popular shop with long lines.
This time, we will be releasing collaboration accessories with the help of our neighbors.

From February 18th, ovgo Baker Meiji St. will be selling Liquem flavored cookies (cherry chocolate) and drinks.
If you are going to the store, please be sure to stop by both shops, as the sale will end as soon as they run out.

Inspired by the most popular Impossible Chocolate.
It has an uneven texture, and the chocolate chips are expressed in a smoked topaz color. The metal is 4mm wide and has a solid thickness.
A special cookie accessory that can be worn casually.

Material: Alloy, glass, brass Size: No. 9 (size and weight may vary slightly)

Ring part: Liquem
Top back: ovgo Baker


Director's Voice

Ovgo, located across from Liquem, is a popular shop with long lines.
The collaboration accessories were created with the image of vintage coin accessories.
Although it looks like an accessory, when you look closely you can see that it actually looks like a cookie.

I've been there several times and tried various cookies, and they were all delicious and I'm a big fan, so I was very excited when they asked me to make Liquem cookies!
The cherry chocolate is also delicious, so when you come to Liquem, be sure to stop by ovgo Baker.


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