Sailor Moon store x Liquem / Super Sailor Moon intaglio earrings

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*Purchase quantity limit*
Collaboration products with Sailor Moon Store are
Each person can purchase up to 2 items of the same item.

Second collaboration with Sailor Moon Store! !

Collaboration accessories will be released to commemorate the release of the movie "Sailor Moon Eternal" currently in theaters.

This is the ``Intaglio Series,'' which looks like a toy jewel that expresses the guardian star mark with an intaglio (intaglio) process.

The Super Sailor Moon version is a special version with small wings.
This is a special accessory that is a little different from the series normally sold at Liquem.

Super Sailor Moon is a mysterious and romantic coloring of silver and lavender.

It has a calm tone, so it has a mature look and goes well with clothes.
Please enjoy wearing it as a daily amulet!

Rings/earrings with the same design are also available.

Material: Alloy, resin, glass, titanium Size: Length: 3.1cm Width: 3cm Weight: 7g (one side)

engraved on the back

Director's voice
The color of Super Sailor Moon is a mature and mysterious lavender x silver. I'll leave it up to Sailor Moon fans' imaginations as to why this color is chosen.
In my mind, this color perfectly matches the image of Super Sailor Moon, so I created this combination throughout the series.

By applying this coloring to a practical accessory, I think it has the added benefit of being easy to wear, resulting in an accessory that is ``beautiful to look at and fun to wear.''

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