SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store POPUP announcement

15 days from Saturday, December 9th to Sunday, December 24th, 2023
We will open a POPUP store at SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store.

SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store POPUP will be selling SHIBUYA cherries.

In addition, ahead of the online site, we will be pre-selling new items such as cherry items and hairpins that were ranked in the top 3 in the rejected sample revival project selected at the 2nd Cherry General Election .

◆First edition [Products released on 12/9 (Sat)]

▽Cherry earrings (pale blue) / ¥3,190 (tax included)

▽Cherry clip on earrings (pale blue) / ¥3,190 (tax included)

▽Cherry ring (pale blue) / ¥2,860 (tax included)

▽Cherry earrings (pale pink) / ¥3,190 (tax included)

▽Cherry clip on earrings (pale pink) / ¥3,190 (tax included)

▽Cherry ring (pale pink) / ¥2,860 (tax included)

▽Cherry earrings (purple round) / ¥3,190 (tax included)

▽Cherry clip on earrings (purple round) / ¥3,190 (tax included)

▽Cherry ring (purple cloud) / ¥2,860 (tax included)

◆Second edition [Products released on 12/16 (Sat)]

▽SHIBUYA cherry earrings / ¥4,510 (tax included)
▽SHIBUYA cherry earrings / ¥4,510 (tax included)
▽SHIBUYA Cherry Ring / ¥2,860 (tax included)
▽SHIBUYA cherry ornament / ¥2,420 (tax included)

[Period] December 9th (Sat) - December 24th (Sun), 2023

[Business hours] 10:00-21:00
*We will notify you if business hours change.

[Location] SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store 4th floor

*Only during certain hours on December 9th (Saturday) and December 16th (Saturday), entry will be restricted using pass tickets.
For pass tickets for December 9th (Saturday), please read this before applying.

Shibuya 109 POPUP sticker campaign

At SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store POPUP, customers who make a purchase will receive one of these maraschino stickers as a gift!

*Please note that the offer will end as soon as it runs out.