Please be sure to read before purchasing

Please read and agree to the following information before proceeding with your purchase.

- You cannot cancel or change the order details after placing your order.
・We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer reasons such as incorrect image after ordering.

-The color of the photo and the actual item are not exactly the same.
・The stone in the photo and the stone in the product are not the same.
・Individual stone differences cannot be specified for all Liquem jewelry and customized products.
-Stone size and carat number may vary slightly.
・The stones selected by Liquem are "natural stones (semi-precious stones)" and are not "jewels (precious stones)."
・Some stones are modified manually to make them look more beautiful or to increase their durability.
- There may be slight scratches or unevenness on the surface that cannot be completely polished.
・The color, pattern, and cut surface of the stone may not be the same as the photo.
-The color of the base metal will interfere with the zirconia and the center stone, changing the impression of the color.
・Some products such as cherry earrings and lemon earrings are hand-cut from natural stones, so
There are individual differences in color, shape, size, and pattern.
- Zirconia, pearl, glass, and plating may vary in color depending on the production lot.
・If you order additional items that are sold separately at different times,
Color blurring occurs on zirconia, pearls, glass, and plating.

・If materials are no longer available, the product may be discontinued without notice.
- If the market price of metal or materials increases, the selling price may change without notice.
(There will be no additional charges after ordering)
・We will not be held responsible for any damage caused by secondary processing by the customer after purchase.
・For stones that are susceptible to plating, we cannot perform maintenance such as resizing or re-plating.

Natural stones are created miraculously over many years in nature, so no two are exactly alike.
The cloudiness, sunspots, scratches, and cracks that appear inside the stone are called inclusions, and are actually cracks (cracks and fissures) that appear due to the pressure applied to the stone as it grows into a crystal, or are solids, liquids, or gases that are taken in. is.

Inclusions are proof that they have been nurtured in nature for many years, and are also a beautiful characteristic of natural stones, so we hope that you will enjoy each one of them as a unique charm of natural stones.
Although we handle natural stones that have inclusions and cracks, we only use stones that have no problems with normal use and meet our inspection standards.
Please check the product as soon as you receive it, and if there are any problems, please contact CONTACT .

Liquem JEWELY/Semi-order warranty policy

If the product is damaged during normal use according to the instructions for use within one year from the date of purchase,
We will repair it free of charge. If repair is required, please return the product to the store of purchase or to our company, along with the original warranty card.
In the following cases, repairs will be charged even if the product is within the warranty period.

・When requesting repair, the original certificate is not presented or attached.
・If the warranty does not contain the necessary information (date of purchase, store name, etc.),
If the information has been corrected.
・If the product is damaged by the customer.
- Damage caused by misuse, abuse, intentional or grossly negligent handling.
・Damage due to disasters such as fire, earthquake, water damage, and theft.
・If you lose parts or the main unit.
- Scratches that occur during use, natural wear and tear, or changes due to nature, etc.
・Repairs of items that have been altered, modified, or otherwise processed by a company other than our company.
・Damage caused by causes other than the previous term that are not attributable to our company.
*Paid repairs may not be available for one-of-a-kind items.

*The warranty is valid only within Japan.
Please keep it in a safe place as it will not be reissued.
*The warranty card promises free repairs according to the warranty regulations.
This does not limit your legal rights.
*Repairs beyond the warranty period and repairs not covered by the warranty will generally be charged.
Please note that depending on the condition, repair may not be possible.
Please note.
*Except in the case of initial failure, the customer is responsible for the round-trip shipping costs for shipping the repair to our company.
*Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or loss during shipping.
If you feel uneasy, please bring it to the store where it was sold and pick it up.